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    STEP 1
    Please log in as a member before placing an order. If you do not have a member, please register as a member. Registered members are free.

     STEP ②

     Select products and quantities and click buy

      If you want to continue shopping, please click OK, and then check out. For immediate settlement, click the CANCEL button.

     STEP ③

     After purchase, please click on the shopping cart to check your purchase

      If no problem, please click the CHECKOUT

    STEP ④

    Fill in your shipping name, shipping address, phone number & email and choose the shipping method

      & payment method.

      Make sure all the information is correct, click Submit Order after no problem

    STEP ⑤

    Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your order!

    Please make a payment within 2 days and notify us after payment

    Once we receive the payment, we will ship as fast as possible

    Usually received within 1-3 business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


    • Malaysia Bank Transfer
    • Wechat Pay / Alipay  (Please Contact Customer Service)

    Bank Transfer

    Please pay according to your order amount, ATM payment, or online transfer to any of the following bank accounts:

    After paying within 48 hours, please inform us via (+6013 7577 345) / SMS / WECHAT / WHATAPPS / Telegram / online customer service:

    Buyer name:

    Payment bank:

    Total payment:

    (If you are using an ATM bank machine to send money, if there is a balance, we will send it back with the goods.)

    Paypal (Debit / Credit Card)