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Oral Quick-Acting Series

Extrazex Russia Import
RM260.00 Ex Tax: RM260.00

Out of stockXtrazex Male Active EffervescentHe's not Will Gang! But it has a steel effectNo side eff..

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Germany High Performa Super Candy
RM399.00 Ex Tax: RM399.00

Loboose Candy imported from GermanyIs the best, strongest and most violent male health tablet candy ..

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RM120.00 Ex Tax: RM120.00

Hickel 风流糖(一盒12粒主要效果:提升·性·能·力英国进口全中草药口味接近 Lemon 百香果口味风英国进口HICKEL风流果!【TA不能让你猛如虎,TA能让你猛如牛】主要成分:-风流果 -红..

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Mexico imports Strong Penis (10Pils)
RM170.00 Ex Tax: RM170.00

What is Strong Penis?Strong Penis is a blend of products using the latest ion decomposition technolo..

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Special effects 100% (pack of 30)
RM280.00 Ex Tax: RM280.00

The landlord strongly recommends! !! !! !!Men's Oral Extreme Needle 100% Gold Long LastingPacking in..

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The King Of Ant
RM248.00 Ex Tax: RM248.00

New Tactics · Authentic Ant KingThe new product, Ant King Honggegen, launched by Qimochi Company, ha..

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RM220.00 Ex Tax: RM220.00

V8 Eight Generation Super EnergyApplicable people: low immunity, weak waist and knees, impotence cau..

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Fifth Element Upgrade 2017 New Gold Edition (10 Pack)
RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00

Developed by more than a dozen experts from the China Institute of Medicinal Plants, it has been rep..

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Japan Tengsu
RM130.00 Ex Tax: RM130.00

Japan Tengsu imported from Japan is a tonic product. Don't take it too fast. It can be taken accordi..

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Selected Viagra (30Pils)
RM230.00 Ex Tax: RM230.00

Featured standaloneA box of 30 pieces, selected pieces,Just take one 30 minutes before the intercour..

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A1 Japan Fire Cream
RM250.00 Ex Tax: RM250.00

Men's hair spray imported from JapanComprehensively enhance male jet pleasure,Increase the pleasure ..

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American Paul Black V8
RM140.00 Ex Tax: RM140.00

American Black Paul V8Take 30 minutes to 60 minutes before sexBlack V8 can promote the rapid growth,..

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Bangal Tiger King
RM120.00 Ex Tax: RM120.00

Bengal Tiger KingMain ingredients: Bengal tiger whip, puzzle, sunstone, deer whip, velvet antler, wa..

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Big Brother (10Pils)
RM80.00 Ex Tax: RM80.00

Big BrotherImported from Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong KongNo side effects during taking, such as headache, ra..

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