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Climax Lubricants Series

A-One Extreme Squirting Female Potion
RM230.00 Ex Tax: RM230.00

Unique Japanese recipe! Step up your sensitivity!Enhance sexual desire, arouse the sleeping clitoris..

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Crime of fornication orgasm pleasure enhancer
RM350.00 Ex Tax: RM350.00

Both fornication crime orgasm pleasure enhancerMaybe you are also "false" coldGive everyone a little..

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Imported from Japan Squirt Imported from Japan Squirt Sold out
Imported from Japan Squirt
RM240.00 Ex Tax: RM240.00

Imported from JapanEnhance the woman's pleasure! Immediately make your body feel better! Just apply ..

Sold out
Japan imported authentic honey clam
RM270.00 Ex Tax: RM270.00

进口 Genuine imported from Japan"The beautiful shape of the shell is slightly open, a symbol of female..

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Taiwan genuine magic tide boosting essence 15g
RM330.00 Ex Tax: RM330.00

Taiwan imported magic tide boosting essence 15gMain effect:Increase orgasm intensityIncrease sensiti..

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Wet Stuff   Orgasm
RM100.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00

Desperate, female spray: orgasm, passionate, emotional, sister✅Effects: It can be used for women's s..

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Glammor Geen
RM160.00 Ex Tax: RM160.00

New Product Beef Liquid Glammor Geen [4 in a box]Charm Gene Ignition PointG-point soothing lubricant..

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3rd Generation Magic Tide Blowing Concentrate (5g)
RM230.00 Ex Tax: RM230.00

3rd Generation Magic Tide Blowing Concentrate (5g)Main effect:Increase orgasm intensityIncrease sens..

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A-One Mad Woman Deep Pleasure
RM295.00 Ex Tax: RM295.00

Unique Japanese recipe! Enhance the pleasure of depth! Makes your pussy feel like a girl and gets mo..

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Anal-Instant Kill Anal-Instant Kill Sold out
Anal-Instant Kill
RM260.00 Ex Tax: RM260.00

Anal sex creamJapanese NPG-Instant Kill-AnalContents: 10gdescription:Imported from Japan NPgMade wit..

Sold out
Blue Whale Mighty Liquid / Backyard Pleasure Liquid (Three in a box)
RM180.00 Ex Tax: RM180.00

Blue Whale Mighty Liquid [Three Packs]Blue whale happiness factorBlue whale backyard fluid anal sex ..

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