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Hamer Candy (10th Anniversary Edition 36 Packs)

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Product Code: Hamer Candy 汗马人参咖啡糖 (十周年纪念版36颗装)

Khanma ginseng coffee candy

100% original authentic sweat horse energy candy, popular ginseng coffee candy in Southeast Asia, naturally without side effects, can be taken by men and women.

[Statement]: Significant effect, one capsule about 3-5 days, glowing and energetic

[Function]: Moisturize the internal organs, activate cells, repair internal and external injuries, improve physical strength, replenish energy, improve the human body's explosive power and endurance

[Ingredients]: malt, brown sugar, coffee, pomegrande, ginseng extract, hydrolyzed protein, enzyme, Cynomorium polysaccharide

Hamer Candy is made from a unique formula. The main ingredient is Cynomorium, which contains the nutrients needed for cell health. Khan horse energy sugar is a cun natural food, which can help supplement cell nutrition. This product is very safe. All raw materials are food. Malaysian toxicology laboratory test report states that Khan horse does not contain any hormones, western medicine or prohibited ingredients .

7 years of experience

The first time you take it (the first one has the following reactions. Please adjust one every 3-5 days) may get angry midway. Dizziness. Soreness in the whole body. Weakness and weakness. The whole process lasts 3-15 days. Please do not Panic. This is a normal reaction. Accelerating the discharge of toxins and internal injuries in the body is an improvement in the corresponding functions of the body. After the improvement reaction, you should continue to consume, and after physical habits and tolerance, it will allow the body to be more effectively adjusted. Be sure to drink plenty of water;

Recommended normal consumption method:

Take one for the first time, and eat it for 3 days. After 3 days, you can take a look at your personal condition or need. You can take it anytime, anywhere (do not take 3 hours before drinking). One day of daily health care, replenishing energy, improving the human body's explosive power and endurance, activating cells, enhancing the quality of intercourse, etc. Generally, 3 tablets will obviously improve. More detailed effects: please refer to the manual


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