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Identity V Fifth Personality Pure Aphrodisiac

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Product Code: Identity V 第五人格 纯催情原液

The fifth personality V of Identity V

Strongest concentrated cui love series The strongest version of adult special beverage imported from Taiwan This product was developed by Taiwan adult special pharmaceutical industry after two years of research and development. After numerous professional clinical trials, it guarantees no side effects after the event, and 100% guarantees quality and effect. Refund.

The main effect of this product is violent pure cui affection, slight psychedelic, no memory loss, continuous film, no fainting hunger, after drinking, produce strong Xing pleasure within 5-10 minutes, unable to restrain physiological desire, psychological and physiological only full Xing desire, do n’t care about the influence of the scene, directly enter into his own fantasy world of Xing, vent the passion, Xing organs will also feel stimulation, produce a strong pleasure, only Xing in his heart, and the normal and solemn look is simply another, this is the fifth Personality.

After drinking, Yin Road will produce fierce itching, and the sensitivity of the whole body will increase greatly. The love fluid will continue to flow out, and there will be no sense of shame. The whole body is devoted to Xing, which is not affected by the outside world.

The overall effect is bold, put dang, and dare to try positions that have never been tried, effectively increasing happiness.

How to use:

This product is a concentrated cui extract, which is used in one tube at a time. It has a slightly sweet taste and is suitable for any beverage. A bottle is 15ml.

storage method:

Store in a cool place or refrigerator to avoid direct sunlight.

Note: Due to the sensitivity of the product, it is prohibited to use it in public places or underage women.


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