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Hong Kong imports autopsy 2nd generation enhanced version

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Ex Tax: RM320.00

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Product Code: 香港进口捡尸水 二代加强版

Increased purity by 50%! !!

Second-generation enhanced Hong Kong imported aphrodisiac corpse water

Faster and more effective! !!

Quality Assurance! Invalid refund!

Product introduction: This product is a truly colorless and odorless liquid. It has swept through all inferior brands in various nightclub bars and bars in Asia, and has become an exclusive imported product in Hong Kong.

This product can be quickly mixed in any beverage, such as alcohol, soda, beverages, coffee, milk tea, etc.

The dosage is 3ml-6ml at a time. The dosage varies from person to person. It can be effective for 20 minutes after taking it. The effect is maintained for up to 3 hours. The drinker will flush the cheeks, and the whole body will be hot, and the private parts will always remain excited. Wet state, and keep the sphincter relaxed (back door), and then fall into deep drowsiness, as if drunk, it is no different to others, it is difficult for other people to perceive, drinkers remain drowsy during the period, and have no memory, the drowsiness process will be broken, and will not be after waking Remember anything during the period.

After the efficacy, this product will not leave any adverse effects in the human body, does not harm the human body, and has no side effects.


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