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Lady Era Femafill -100

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Product Code: 印度特级加强变态版 Femafill-100

Lady Era second generation

Indian Super Strengthened Perverted Femafill-100

One piece of four, selected one by one,

Sunrise passion, sunrise future!

Indian Super Strengthened Perverted Femafill-100

Those who have used the first generation of Lady Era know that the effect has exploded in the market and is loved by consumers all over the world! The effect is more violent than that of 20mg female Weijie and 50mg Weijie! The second generation of Lady Era launched today!

The effect haunts you all the time! You'll be haunted all night!

The world recognizes the best women's products


Mainly improve women's sexual desire and sexual impulse, clitoral blood flow is full, accelerate the excitement and time of female orgasm, strengthen and ensure couples have multiple orgasms.


It is recommended to take one tablet at a time. After taking it, your body gets hot and your body gets hot. Urgently need to solve physiological problems. Please take preparations before taking it.

【how to use】

Take this medicine only if you plan to have sexual intercourse. Take 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. Take it with water. In order to effectively dissolve and accelerate absorption, the tablets can be crushed into powder and placed in a female cup or beverage. , Only for couples or couples.

Active ingredient: Sildenafil 100mg for women

Validity: 3 years


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