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Drunken Spring Severe Aphrodisiac

  • RM680.00

Drunken Spring Severe Aphrodisiac

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Ex Tax: RM680.00

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Product Code: 醉春宵 烈性催情 无效包退

# Really effective female rushing water ~ drunk spring night

(Oral, can be mixed with various drinks)

Top technology formula, perfect effect experience!

Give it 30 minutes and give you one night of passion! Both men and women can use it!

Contains no prohibited ingredients, safe and without side effects, enjoy perfect pleasure! Men are hard and durable after use!

After use, women will feel relaxed and refreshing, and more importantly, they can produce strong sexual pleasure and make the desire for love stronger!

It is recommended to use 3ml at a time.

Use 4~5 times a bottle


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